RIM failing as less than 10% of projected Blackberry PlayBooks sell at major retailer

It’s beginning to seem as if those early PlayBook launch day numbers were a bit skewed. RBC had previously reported launch day numbers as high as 50,000 tablets being sold. It’s now being reported that RIM may have missed their tablet forecast at a major retailer by more than 90 percent!

Ninety percent off a projection is a shocking number in and of itself, but when bundled with the rumors of return rates topping Motorola Xoom’s 7%, it could be a devastating blow to the Ontario based company.

Currently these numbers are unconfirmed, as RIM has yet to publish any official sales numbers. At this point, though, I’d be more skeptical of an article claiming the PlayBook is doing well. After all, how many have you seen at your local Starbucks?

We’d like this article to serve as a notice to any obscure failed gadget collectors out there; the time to buy is now.

Article Via The Loop
Photo Credit: IntoMobile

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