Real Racing 2 HD, Dead Space, Infinity Blade receive updates just in time for iPad 2 launch

Did you get a new iPad 2 today? Looking for some games to show off its new graphical prowess? EA and Firemint have got you covered with the release of Real Racing 2 HD and updates to Dead Space and Infinity Blade, all shiny and enhanced to take full advantage of the new graphics chip in the iPad 2.

One of the best racing games on the iOS platform, Touch Arcade, gave the iPhone and iPod touch version of Real Racing 2 a full 5 stars. The new iPad 2 version, however, will take advantage of not only enhanced graphics, but also the gyroscope and even the thinner form factor. From the Firemint blog:

While we were not aware of the specs for iPad 2 before the keynote, we made some educated guesses about where we thought the hardware might head, so for many months now we have been developing a much more graphically intensive version of Real Racing 2 HD to take advantage of the anticipated performance improvements. The lighter and thinner form factor will make the iPad 2 handle even more like a steering wheel, and we’ve put a lot of effort into making it feel just right. The gyroscope will also contribute to the smooth and intuitive handling as it adds another sensor input we can check against for added precision.

EA has also updated Dead Space for iPad with enhanced graphics, and its hugely successful Infinity Blade is also upgraded. Infinity Blade was just given a major content boost last week with new areas, items, and enemies, so kudos to Chair for pushing out another update so quickly.

It’s great to see developers that want their games to look their best on new hardware, and I can’t imagine that Apple could be more pleased.

Article Via Touch Arcade here and here

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