Potential Spotify iPad App Pops Up Online, Then Mysteriously Disappears

It’s no secret that Spotify is lacking an iPad app. Despite a message on the website that an app is forthcoming, mums been the word on the project. That is, until an image popped up on Instagram (Statigram) with the words “It’s getting closer.” The image was posted by a Swedish technology consultant, and sparked off quite a bit of buzz.

Adding to the intrigue, it seems that the same consultant has removed his image from Instagram without comment or any information on why it’s no longer available. What do you think? Does this consultant have an in at Spotify, or are we looking at a completely unrelated music application for the iPad? There’s no mention, or evidence in the image that it could be a Spotify application.

Update: Magnus Jonasson, the consultant in question was previously a beta tester for the Spotify iPhone application. That means two things, first, he’s close to the team (they only have so many invites to hand out); second, these images are probably legit. Thanks to Matthew OG for the tip.

Image Credit and Via The Verge


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