Playing Catch-Up: RIM to release iPad Competitor

Digitimes is reporting that the Chinese site Apple Daily has information about RIM’s upcoming “BlackPad” that will be competing directly against the iPad.

From this report, manufacturing company Quanta will be making two million BlackPads by September, and supposedly eight million for next year. Rumor has the device having similar dimensions and price tags as iPad, and I wouldn’t be surprised if the industrial design is nearly identical as well.

Are you interested in seeing more companies get into the iPad space? Do you think that RIM can provide something that Apple doesn’t? Personally, I think this is a huge catch-up maneuver that showcases the difference between Apple and all of their competitors. Apple is willing to throw their weight behind new concepts in hopes that they take off like the iPad. Other companies, even if they develop innovative products, seem to implement a wait-and-see approach. Let us know what you think by leaving a comment on this post.

Article Via Gadgetell

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