Penultimate gets Dropbox, Evernote integration

If you’re into handwriting apps on your iPad, Penultimate is pretty much the clutch, goto application in times of need for doodlers, students, and anyone else needing to get Da Vinci all up in their notes. Today Penultimate announced that they’ve integrated Dropbox and Evernote support into their already amazing application.

Dropbox: Penultimate now automatically syncs your notebooks and pages directly to your Dropbox, making accessing your notes and doodles easier than ever. You can either manually back up your files or have Penultimate back them up automagically. It’s up to you.

Evernote: While similar to the Dropbox functionality, the end result with the Evernote support is a little bit different. Users can take advantage of Evernote’s fantastic handwriting recognition tools to search your handwritten notes and files.

There you have it, a snazzy update for Penultimate. If you’re still on the fence about its usefulness, you should probably look into it at the very least. A lot of people swear by it.

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