Origami + iPad = Awesome

There have been some pretty dreamy cases surfacing for the iPad, and although I stuck with the safe option and opted for the one Apple was selling at the time, I can’t help but keep looking at these temptations.

This case takes the art of Japanese paper folding and applies it to a case. The incase Origami sleeve , priced at $34.95, offers protection when you are carrying it and then a hassle free stand so you can look at your screen from a comfortable viewing angle.

It does horizontal and vertical viewing, and although I’ve shown you this pretty pink case, they also come in black. Once you unzip the fitted sleeve and remove your iPad, you can fold the sleeve’s top left and right corners back. You then latch them together. This forms a pyramid-style stand that props your device up.

The Black incase Origami Sleeve

I think this is such a great idea because having protection for the iPad is a great idea. Also it really is a device for which having a stand makes things easier at times, especially if you are sharing images or watching a show or movie. But, often carrying some of those bulky cases we have seen isn’t always the best option. The thinking behind this case pretty simple and reminds me of something Apple would have designed.

Article Via macworld.com

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