One Million iPads sold in little under a month

The iPad, which most anti-Apple pundits claimed would be a giant flop (just like they said about the iPhone), has seen sales reach one million units sold. For those playing at home that’s one million iPads in a little under a month of being on the market.

Just how successful was the iPad launch?

According to Apple it took on 28 days to hit the million iPads sold mark, whereas it took 74 days for the iPhone to reach the million units sold mark. That’s pretty remarkable considering a lot of people are still on the fence about the device, and even more importantly supply of the iPad has been limited.

There’s a lot of people out there wanting to buy an iPad, but the demand for the standard WiFi model has been hard to come by unless you’re pre-ordering the device from Apple’s website.

Is the iPad going to be more successful than the iPhone, or do you think that the initial success was based on the success of the iPhone?

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