OmniOutliner for iPad submitted to the App Store

In a post on the company’s blog, the CEO of the Omni Group Ken Case announced that the iPad version of their outlining application, OmniOutliner, has been submitted to the App Store for review.

OmniOutliner for iPad will be $19.99 and should hit the App Store in about two weeks, depending on Apple’s speed in approving the app. OmniOutliner will be the Omni Group’s fourth iPad app, nearly completing their plan to bring iPad equivalents of all five of their apps to the App Store. The app will help you take and organize your notes, structure your work and collect ideas.

Case says that the team is currently putting together some screenshots as well as a screencast that’ll explain how the app works exactly. All they can (or want to) show us now is this little teaser trailer:

Besides the news about OmniOutliner for iPad, Case also revealed some news about their plans for a future version of OmniFocus for Mac as well as the future plans for all their Mac apps.

OmniFocus will be highly influenced by its iPad counterpart, gaining the Forecast and Review modes as well as adopting the look and feel from the iPad app to enrich the user experience. The road ahead for all of the Omni Group’s apps will bring support for Lion’s new features Versions, Autosave, Resume and full-screen support.

You can read Case’s full blog post here.

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