No Joke, iPad Elbow Is Turning Into A Thing

Like BlackBerry thumb before it, iPad elbow is actually turning into a thing rheumatologists have been noticing in their patients over the last couple of years. According to Christopher Morris, a rheumatologist who spoke with the Globe And Mail, the iPad could actually be hurting your health. We kid you not:

Many tablet users curl up on a couch to get more comfortable, he says, rather than paying attention to proper posture …  While orthopedists are still getting a handle on this particular condition, taking breaks can help reduce the pain. “The biggest thing with any kind of repetitive activity is to listen to your body,” Mr. Morris says. “If doing something for an hour straight is going to make it hurt, don’t do it for an hour straight.”

Oh man, I can’t believe people have to be told not to continue doing things that hurt. All kidding aside, repetitive motion injuries aren’t exactly a fun thing to experience. Just because you’re holding a phone or tablet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t be using the same philosophies you adhere to while working on a computer at your desk. Make sure your device is supported and that you’re not putting yourself in an awkward position. Heck, use a case or stand to hold the device for you if you’re going to be using the iPad for hours at a time.

Also, please note that this is being called iPad Elbow, and not Android Elbow. Just saying.

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