Nielsen admits iPad stat error *phews*


Around the 21st of October, sites began reporting that Nielsen released an amazing survey claiming that 30% of iPad owners are not buying apps. I was pretty amazed at this statistic, because if you don’t have any apps then what you have is a beautiful paperweight. They are now saying it is actually around the 9% marker, a far, far lower number. They have amended their origional image that acompanied the findings with the following:

No longer 32% – it's now stated 9% have not downloaded apps.

When I first saw the figures, I couldn’t believe it. This is a device that plays heavily on the fact that it needs apps to actually do anything. I wondered if it was possible for an iPad owner to not purchase apps and use just what came with the device – which, yes, is possible, but way less fun. Also, when we compare it to the statistics of the numbers of apps on the App Store and number of downloads, there just had to be a mistake somewhere.

This leaves us to question what other amazing statistics are out there that are incorrect? How did this get published in the first place with such a huge error? And at what point did they realise and amend it all?

Their original article has been amended.

Article Via daringfireball

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