Rumor: Next iPad Mini To Have Retina Display?

Image Credit: iClarified

It’s one of the least surprising rumors so far, but those who are waiting for the iPad mini to come out with a Retina display will be happy to know that the second-generation iPad mini is expected to have just that. Industry sources in Taiwan have said that Apple will be “enhancing” the display resolution for the next iPad mini, bringing a 2058×1536 panel with 326 pixels-per-inch.

These specifications may not be entirely accurate but it’s the same resolution seen in the third- and fourth-generation iPads. Also, the rumor comes from DigiTimes, which isn’t known for its great track record (read: they make stuff up, a lot) with Apple rumors. But the fact that one of the biggest critiques of the iPad mini is its terrible display and that a better screen would only be a logical step for Apple in improving the iPad mini makes the rumor seem more credible.

If the next iPad mini comes with a Retina display, that could also mean that the device would be thicker the second time around. Apple is believed to have left out the Retina display initially to make the device as thin as possible. A Retina display requires more battery power, which would mean a bigger battery, which would mean a thicker device.

Only time will tell what the next generation iPad mini will be like. A new iPad mini launch is still months away, so I’m sure we’ll hear about more snippets and rumors along the way, just like usual.

Kaylie lives in Ottawa and got her first Mac in 2007 and is now a fan for life.