New iOS lock screen concept raises some good points about symmetry

With iOS 5.1 hot off the presses, and the new slide to unlock camera feature being released, it’s had me thinking a little bit about the iOS home screen and whether or not we’ll be seeing a new lock screen in iOS 6. The current iteration of the iOS lock screen is simple and cluttler free, which I like, but it’s also a little bit dated at this point. I can’t think of any other reason to upgrade the lock screen outside of “because I’m bored with it.” But, I’m not a designer like Brye Kobayashi, so I don’t see things the same way a designer would. When Kobayashi looks at the iOS 5.1 lock screen, he sees asymmetrical and deprecated features. And now that I’ve seen what he’s seen, I can’t stop seeing it either.

Kobayshi has released an interesting concept of what he would like to see in a new lock screen. Instead of sliding bottom to top to reveal the camera, the concept would make use of the slide to unlock feature for both the camera, as well as to unlock the screen, and it would do it while maintaining symmetry. The full concept shows the iterative approach Kobayashi took to reach his end results. It’s worth checking out, in full.

It’s an interesting concept, what do you think?

Via: Dear Apple

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