New iPads Now Ship In 3 To 5 Days

3to5Not long ago, we were celebrating the fact that the shipping time for new iPads was down to two weeks. As of today, the shipping window for the new iPad has shrunk once again. All models — 16, 32, 64 GB for both Wi-Fi and 4G — are now shipping in a mere three to five business days.Less than seven weeks after launch, Tim Cook’s incredible supply chain management skills have brought the manufacturing to nigh-on par with the demand. The makers of these Android tablets wish they could get a fraction as close to the supply-demand sweet spot as the iPad. Good thing they have those “Units shipped” numbers to cry themselves to sleep on.If you’re in the market for a new iPad, there hasn’t been a better time. Order yours online, or go pick it up in person. No more crazy long waits. Alternately, you could get yourself a Blackberry Playbook. I hear there is no wait at all on those, so good luck!


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