Netflix redesigns tablet app for Android, iPad coming soon

Today, via their blog, Netflix, the popular movie and TV show streaming service, announced that they’ve finally outed their old UI for a brand new design. Set to hit the iPad in the next few weeks, the fresh coat of paint puts more focus on the content and displays it in an attractive manner. At the top are your most recently watched videos, and more videos are displayed per page while searching. Hopefully this will cut your browsing time in half.

The new design is much more immersive and provides greater focus on the growing number of titles in the Netflix catalog. In fact, the new interface displays twice as many movies and TV shows as before, enabling you to discover even more titles you’ll love. Also, we’ve taken greater advantage of the tablet’s unique features, inviting you to swipe through rows of titles featuring larger artwork.

Today, the universal app received an update for Android tablets, mainly for the new Amazon Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble Nook. Of course, their UI won’t have anything on the iPad, naturally. However, there’s no word yet on whether an update will be coming to the iPhone.

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