The NBA loves the iPad

According to slamonline, the iPad is a huge hit with the NBA:

“We use it for everything. We put our whole playbook and rulebook on it,” said Washington Wizards assistant coach Ryan Saunders, whose father, head coach Flip Saunders, unofficially made the team the first known NBA franchise to use iPads for team operations. “Our whole calender is mapped out. Guys can know when buses are leaving, when planes are leaving.”

With the Wizards, players are responsible for purchasing their own tablets. My guess is they can afford it.

Other franchises have been piloting iPads including the Houston Rockets.

This is yet another way in which the iPad is making waves in completely random industries. With features like great battery life, easy media syncing and more, the iPad is the obvious tablet choice for people who have a wide range of needs. It sounds like the clipboard is slowly losing its place in the locker room.

Article via Cult of Mac

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