Mozilla Shows Off iPad Web Browser Prototype

While there are plenty of third-party web browsers available for the iPad, none of them are particularly good. I’ve tried browsers such as Opera HD and Dolphin, but haven’t found either of them to perform very well or actually offer a desirable design. Mozilla, the creator of Firefox, has taken these as well as Safari’s gripes into account and have come up with their new prototype browser: ‘Junior’.

Junior is a new take on iPad web browsers. When you first launch Junior you’ll notice that there are no tabs or address bar as all of the content is displayed in a full screen view. However, you will notice the giant back button and plus button. The plus button is your main way of interacting with Junior. When you tap on the plus button, you can view your recent pages, bookmarks as well as a unified search/address bar right above the keyboard.

Junior also features multiple user logins, making it easier to share an iPad among family members. These user accounts can be password protected, so you can keep your browsing history and web accounts private.

While Mozilla hasn’t released an official release date for their iPad web browser, I don’t think we’ll see it in the near future. After watching the introduction video, you can see that it is highly unfinished. However, I do think Junior is a great idea and has tons of potential.

Source: Mozilla via Engadget via The Verge

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