Mirror iPad screens wirelessly with SyncPad

While we’re waiting for that iPad 2 to arrive, the one that’s been on backorder for weeks on end, we like to surf blogs and find videos of cool things that the iPad can do, once we have it in our grasp. One of those cool things is provided by an app called SyncPad.

The video shows off SyncPad’s unique ability to wirelessly mirror another iPad’s screen. Dubbed “FaceTime for drawings,” the virtual whiteboard app lets you write and draw on someone else’s iPad, no matter where it is. The lineup of 40 iPads is undeniably beautiful, and I’m still working on picking my jaw up off the floor watching them all perform like little ballerinas.

This guy’s going to be using these iPads during a medical convention to view the live presentation, and according to the article they will even be able to interact with the presenter through the app. Pretty neat.

Both available in the App Store, the SyncPad Reader is free, and SyncPad will set you back $9.99. Someone needs to change my iTunes Store password or I might buy it just because it’s AWESOME.

Article Via SyncPad

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