Marvel gives away a free comic every week

We’ve checked out the Marvel application on the iPad, and the glorified e-reader disappointed us a little. We were secretly hoping that Marvel was going to release a new comic on launch day, in the same vein as Wired did with their magazine application. We were hoping for something ground breaking, but instead we got a gussied-up PDF. We’re okay with that, we just had to readjust our expectations a little bit.

What is cool about the Marvel application is that once a week they give readers a free comic book from their archive. While it’s not similar to a big screen adaption of a Frank Miller graphic novel, it is a free comic book, and who can say no to a free comic once a week. So, until we see a revolutionary spin on the traditional comic book, we’re just gonna have to be content with what we get.

Article Via Apps&Hats

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