Dell Looks to Challenge Apple in Tablets

Remember the Dell Streak?

Yeah, me neither. Dell’s potential Android tablet was quickly pulled from development after watching just about everyone else crash and burn as they attempted to compete with the iPad. But now, watching the success of the new iPad and feeling (for some reason) optimistic about the Windows 8 beta, Dell has announced that they’re back in the game.

According to Reuters, Dell’s CCO Steve Felice feels that the tablet market “is [not] closed off in any way”, and that we can expect to “see some announcements… for the back half of the year”.

Dell is the third-largest computer maker (behind HP and Lenovo), and has watched Apple sell more computers than any of the top PC makers in the last year. When asked if he was envious of Apple’s ability to produce these devices, Felice responded “We come at the market in a different way … We are predominantly a company that has a great eye on the commercial customer who also wants to be a consumer. In the areas where we come at the market, we think we are a coveted brand.”

And that area is… what, exactly? And will this translate to tablet sales for Dell down the road? Only time will tell.

Nic Lake
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