That’s Logistics: Without Tim Cook, iPad would cost $5,000

Before becoming the CEO of Apple last year, Tim Cook was known as the “logistics king” of the company. pointed to an article on Business Insider that may demonstrate just how much: “If it weren’t for Tim Cook, the iPad would cost $5,000”.

From the Business Insider article:

Cook was able to figure out logistics and manage the supply chain so Apple could earn those fat margins. This isn’t the first time we’ve heard people marvel at Cook’s operations ability, but it was the best phrasing for it we’ve ever heard. …┬áThe real reason Apple is the most valuable company in the world right now isn’t that it makes ultra-sexy iPads and iPhones. It’s because it makes ultra-sexy iPhones and iPads and charges the same price as its rivals, or less, for those gadgets.

With countless competitors struggling to even ship a few million tablets, Apple just managed to sell 3 million new iPads this past launch weekend. None of this would be possible without Mr. Cook.

Nic Lake
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