First in line at the Regent Street store for tomorrows iPad launch

As I was walking home this evening, it didnt even cross my mind that there would already probably be a group of people outside London’s flagship store on Regent Street. At 7pm, when I was walking past, there was already about 10 people with chairs and other goodies to get them through the night. I posted a picture on Gowalla, and a couple of minutes later I had a reply over Twitter from Joe Woodcock saying “we’re number one :D haha“.
Joe’s been there since 12 midday he told me. After reading his Twitter stream, it seems he and his friends have already been interviewed by a couple of the UK TV network. Also, he has been given some gifts by the website, and some stuff from Griffin. Lucky fellas. Unlucky for them is the fact it looks like rain out tonight, and they dont have a tent. Anyone care to go along and help them out?

I’ve asked which model of iPad Joe and his friend are queueing up for, and it seem’s he’s not actually getting one! He’s just there with his friend Jake who’s going for the 32 GB wifi model.

You can follow his updates on Twitter here, and show him some support if you’re feeling nice.

Though I’m not tempted to sit out in the cold for the evening, I am getting more tempted to get myself an iPad in the morning. That is, if there are any left by the time I get there. It all depends on how early I manage to wake up tomorrow.

Few more pictures of the queue so far here:

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