LightBright comes to iPad

If we’re setting out to change the way kids learn with the iPad, why not also set out to change the way kids play? I may be dating myself a little, but I grew up with the LightBright, and spent some time creating both fun, and inappropriate pictures on it.

One of the things that I really hated about it was that it was super easy to lose all the little pushpins. Once they were gone your LightBright became useless.

The iBrite for the iPad ($1.99) has taken a stab at taking the LightBright into 2010. We’re pretty sure kids everywhere will get a kick out of this, but it’s also been a while since I was a kid, so… who the heck knows.

The iBrite is also part of the App Star Awards, so you may wanna go check out the App Star website.

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