Kensington KeyFolio For iPad

A new breed of iPad accessories is coming to reality, and not just your typical leather or nylon cases either.

We users of the iPad love our iDevice, but the lack of an actual keyboard is manifesting into a real issue — especially for us digital publishers that use the iPad to write our blog posts.

Coming soon, from the good folks at Kensington, is the new KeyFolio case that has a handy built-in Bluetooth QWERTY keypad.

Yes we’re turning the iPad into a makeshift netbook, but it’ll be pretty…and, instead of carrying around the Apple external Bluetooth keyboard, this will be a self-contained unit.

The KeyFolio will run on its own power supply and, according to Kensington, will power itself for months from a single charge. That I’ll have to see to believe.

One drawback — you can’t charge your iPad and KeyFolio with one connection since the KeyFolio has its own microUSB jack.

The Kensington KeyFolio is expected to hit retail stores in October and cost $100.

In my opinion, the team over at ClamCase better get it in gear or Kensington is going to steal all their potential business. Check here to see what ClamCase is proposing as a solution.

Photo Credit: DVice

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