Just in case you had any doubt – iPad 3G Jailbreak Video

In case you had any doubt that the brand new 3G iPad that you received today would be un-jailbreakable, the Dev Team has posted a teaser video for you to drool over. The video clearly illustrates an iPad running Cydia.

As you can tell from the video that the DevTeam released a couple weeks back, the firmware is the same, so there’s no surprise the jailbreak works for the 3G iPad. There’s no release date posted for when they’re going to make a jailbreak available, but when they do, it wont just be good for the iPads of the  world, because it’ll work on your iPhones and iPod’s as well.

The DevTeam is planning one tool for all of Apple’s devices — making it much easier for consumers to manage their jailbreaks.

The news from yesterday comes with a typical Dev Team warning stating “Backup your SHSH blobs.” While you dont need to do this to jailbreak, it’ll help if you have them readily available if anything should go wrong, and you have to downgrade at somepoint.

Head over to the post by the Dev Team from yesterday for more info and links on how to do this.

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