iWeb for iPad makes appearance in new Apple patent

While iWork debuted along side the first iPad, iMovie and Garageband were announced with the iPad 2. So far, they are the only two iLife apps that have shown up as tablet apps.

That might be changing, though. According to a new Apple patent, the company may be working on bringing iWeb for the iPad, according to Patently Apple. Oddly, iWeb is just referenced in the filing — the patent is much broader than a single app.

iWeb didn’t get an update with iLife ’11, and really hasn’t changed too much since its debut several years ago. It allows users with no knowledge of HTML, CSS or other web technologies to build websites with photo galleries, blogs and more. It ties in with MobileMe, but can be used with an FTP server.

Currently there’s no great blogging app for the iPad. iWeb could change that, for some people.

Me? I just want MarsEdit for iPad.

Article Via The Mac Observer

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