iPhone 5 and iPad 2 to use CDMA baseband chips from Qualcomm?

Why wouldn’t you go directly to the source for your chips? Qualcomm, the CDMA inventor, has been meeting with Apple to discuss “future cooperation” according to Apple Insider. It’s also being stated that Qualcomm is in the process of creating dual-carrier chips that would allow phones to be used on CDMA/EVDO networks as well as UMTS/HSPA+ networks. What does that mean in english? Well, one chip that would let your phone work on AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, and Verizon. There wouldn’t be a need to purchase a specific phones based on your carrier.

Things seem to be heating up for an announcement regarding Verizon, the iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. Man, it could be an interesting year for the battle between Android and iOS. If iOS was available on the CDMA/EVDO networks, we may just see another shift in the demographic numbers and market share reports. If Apple wants to compete, they need to get on the CDMA network as fast as possible. It’s the last unexplored frontier.

Article Via Apple Insider

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