iPad Wi-Fi + 3G, now with gooey caramel center.

Whenever I see one of those Will it Blend videos, I always cringe a bit. I believe the first one I saw was with the iPhone 3G. It took a second to get it going, but once it did that iPhone 3G did not have a chance. When it was all said and done, the iPhone was reduced to a mere pile of powder.  Recently they did the same thing with an iPad; however, they had to bend it in half to get it to fit in the blender. The iPad did not stand a chance either.  It too was reduced to a pile of powder. What’s the next step in iPad mutilation? You guessed it microwaving.

CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk is reporting that the iPad has been microwaved.  In an attempt to test the iPad’s limits it is placed in a microwave for eighteen minutes. During this process the iPad smokes and hisses, and it even catches on fire in it’s carousel of destruction.  Matyszczyk goes on to explain the ordeal:

“You see, the creators of this video, in which they microwave the new iPad 3G, don’t merely toss it in the microwave as if this were the recalcitrant chef at your local Armenian bistro. No, they boot it up. They find a widescreen version of an iPhone 3GS being microwaved and ensure it is fully displayed on the iPad’s glorious screen. Only then do they place it carefully into the microwave.”

One would think that this horrific ordeal has come to an end. Not quite. After the iPad has cooled down from it’s microwave inferno, the guy pulls apart the iPad, and what could only be described as a Snicker’s bar being pulled apart.  The iPad oozes a gooey filling that resembles caramel from a Snicker’s bar.

A word of caution to would be adventurous types, DON’T try this at home. You will more than likely ruin your microwave. So kids, if you don’t want to be grounded for the rest of your lives, don’t attempt this. Leave it to the professionals like these guys.

Sometimes I wonder if these videos are done for pure shock value, or simply because the author of these videos can do it, so they do.  Whatever the case may be, this will not be the last time you see something like this. So, what are your thoughts? Are they doing it for shock value, or simply because they can?  I’d like to know your thoughts on this. Drop us a line in the comments section below, and let everyone know your opinion on this.

iPad Inferno Video

For your viewing displeasure, I present the iPad 3G microwave video.

Photo Credit: iPad on fire

Article Via CNET

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