iPad thief takes out a hit on victim

Do you remember that man who went to an Apple store to pick up an iPad for his friend, only to be brutalized while he walked to his car after procuring the device? No? How about the story of the guy who almost had his finger ripped off by a thief trying to steal an iPad? Yeah, same guy.

Turns out that the story wasn’t even close to being over. The thief, Brandon Smith, thought he could make the problem go away while he sat in jail waiting for his trial. Smith decided to order a hit on the original victim. Yup, you heard me right. This guy decided that he’d have someone killed so that he wouldn’t have to deal with the theft rap. Somehow during his time in jail he figured that the best way to beat a theft under 5000.00 crime was murder.

Well the police figured it out, and now he’s on trial for theft, assault, and trying to have someone killed. No one ever said criminals were bright.

Thankfully the victim and his family are okay.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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