iPad studio lighting

I’ll admit it. I’ve bumped the brightness up on my iPhone from time to time and used it as a torch. Who needs fancy apps when a clean Safari page does the same thing as a fancy flashlight.

But, I’ve also never thought about using my iPad as  a lighting source for a photo shoot, let alone asking a bunch of friends to donate theirs to the cause.

That’s where Jesse Rosten is different.

With $4,500.00 worth of iPads, some plywood, and some cheap parts from a hardware store, Rosten whipped up three soft boxes by mounting three iPads on each of the three separate stands.

While it may not be the most practical use of nine iPads, and certainly not the cheapest way of creating nice soft light, it certainly illustrates Rosten’s imagination and ingenuity.

Check the video out below, and read Jesse’s post, which goes into more detail about his idea and how he put the lights together.

iPad Photoshoot from Jesse Rosten on Vimeo.

Images and video via Jesse Rosten

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