Are iPad rivals feeling a little skittish?

So, what’s taking the iPad rivals so long to ship? Ray Chen, chairmen for Compal Electronics thinks that it’s because non-Apple tablets will only achieve 10-12 million sales in 2011, across all manufacturers. Since the release of the iPad, Apple’s sold more than three million iPads, in about five months.

If you do some quick math of the numbers now, it becomes quite evident that Apple’s got the lion’s share of sales in the market, but is that something that’s deterring others? I’m not exactly sure it does, but what it does ensure is that someone needs to be pretty serious about competing if they’re going to even try and take a run at Apple’s iPad. That’s a good thing, no Joo Joo, no C-List company clogging up consumer choices with clones, and no one who’s just ripping off features, trying to make a quick buck. Instead, it’s going to take someone with deep pockets, willing to operate despite potential losses, someone like a Google or Microsoft.

There’s obvious exclusions to the list, someone might come along and really turn the industry on its head, but if history is any indicator, the competitor is more likely to come from a Google or a Microsoft. Call me, or writers on this site fanboys if you want, but I just don’t see that happening any time soon, no matter what the Android crowd wants us to believe. Would an Android tablet be enticing, sure, but would it get average consumers to switch? Not likely.

They next time you’re out in public, take a look around, you won’t see many Android devices.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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