An iPad Pooping Solution For Adults

Back when the iPotty was shown off at CES, there was something significantly lacking from what was otherwise a brilliant product: an option for the older, more potty trained crowd.┬áThat’s where this iPad Pedestal Stand with Roll Holder comes in. This chrome stand features both an iPad holder and a toilet paper holder; in other words, the two essentials for any bathroom trip. Adults must no longer look on in envy as their children play Angry Birds on their potties while learning to poop.

Here’s a description for the product:

“The bendable gooseneck stand allows you to adjust to any viewing angle, orientation or position you may need and securely holds the iPad. Simply slide and snap the iPad into the padded stand. The elegant chrome pedestal also features an optional toilet paper roll holder and a solid heavyweight base that will stay in place. “

Those interested in spicing up their bathroom life can pick one up off Amazon for a fair $42. Hurry up though, as stock is limited.

Image Credit: Gizmodo

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