iPad Mini to be released by September?

Keeping with the traditional label of “mini” for an Apple product that’s a smaller version of a major device, Apple’s rumoured to be releasing an iPad Mini by September, at least according to iLounge’s report.

So, what do you think? Is there a place for an iPad Mini? I know a lot of people are complaining about the iPad as an e-reader. Most notably, many people find how it is too heavy for comfortable reading. However, I really have a hard time seeing an iPad Mini coming this soon. I’ve used the iPad as my primary RSS reader lately and I hardly have a problem holding the device. I’ve even read The Picture of Dorian Gray on the iPad, and my arms didn’t get tired then either.

I just have a hard time making sense of these rumours. I’m not saying that the iPad Mini wouldn’t be successful, but I really don’t see the two inch difference between the two iPad versions as being all that enticing for someone looking to pick up either of these devices.

Keeping with the traditional iPod Classic, iPod Nano, and iPod Shuffle lineup, I can certainly see Apple going down the same road with their iOS lineup as they did with their iPod lineup, but they’re going to have to differentiate these devices in some way. The iPod classic has the big hard drive, the iPod Nano has the camera, and the iPod Shuffle has the insanely small form factor. But, what would separate an iPad, an iPad Mini, an iPad shuffle, and the iPhone, other than screen size? iLounge is saying that all of these things are coming, but they don’t mention anything about how these things are going to be marketed, or what functionality each of these devices might have, and that’s a big deal. Until we get some more information on why Apple thinks families are going to need a couple devices like this in a home, it’s hard to believe that any of these rumours are real.  Currently, I can use a Shuffle for working out, an iPod Nano to record my videos, my iPhone as a phone, and an iPod classic as my music library.  Do I need them all? Certainly not, but if I wanted to, I could justify each of these expenditures, because each device fulfills a direct need.  Until we see that with the iPad lineup, I can’t justify spending the cash.

Would you buy an iPad Mini over a traditional iPad? What if you already had an iPad? I don’t think I would, unless they’re bringing something new to the table that the iPad doesn’t currently have.

Article Via 9 to 5 Mac

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