iPad Mini Outselling iPad 4, Expected To Ship 50 Million Units In 2013

With all the hate the iPad mini has been getting since launch, people still can’t seem to stop themselves from buying the thing. A report by analyst company NPD DisplaySearch has said that, currently, the iPad mini is selling units much faster than its larger iPad 4 counterpart. Not only that, but DisplaySearch anticipates there to be 100 million iPads shipped in 2013, with the iPad mini making up 50 percent of those numbers for a total of 50 million shipped. The iPad 4 only represents 40 percent of those numbers, with 40 million tablets being shipped, and older models fill up the last 10 percent with 10 million shipped.

This success is surprising for a product that was so harshly received due to its higher pricing, sub-par Apple quality features and for its lack of need as a product. Apple planned to sell 6 million iPad mini units throughout the whole of 2012; however, due to its increasing popularity, Apple is now trying to have 12 million units shipped during 4th quarter 2012 alone.

DisplaySearch says that if Apple wants to sell these numbers, they’re going to run into some manufacturing issues. “If the iPad mini volume is anything near 50 million units, Apple will need to find other panel suppliers in addition to AUO and LG Display.”

Consumer interest in the iPad mini clearly hasn’t been too deterred by the negative buzz around it. What does this success mean for Apple’s next miniature tablet? How much more successful could an upcoming Retina display iPad mini be if it were positively received?

Image Credit: CNET Asia

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