iPad Mini And Smart Cover Promotional Videos On YouTube


With every new Apple product, Apple likes to make a nifty video to go along with it. They definitely didn’t fall short with the iPad mini. Apple has just uploaded their promotional video for the iPad mini as well as one for the new iPad mini-sized Smart Cover to their YouTube channel.

The iPad mini video is pretty much the same as the rest of Apple’s product videos. The video brings in Jony Ive and other Apple executives to talk about how amazing their product is while talking about how much of a challenge it was to build. Nevertheless, it’s an interesting video to watch, so we’ve embedded it above for your viewing pleasure.

The Smart Cover for iPad mini promotional video is pretty cool as it shows off all of the different Smart Cover colors by making them alternate to the beat of a piano. Apple also shows off how the Smart Cover works in this short video clip. We’re not yet sure if this video will air on TV as a commercial, but we will report back if we hear anything. In the meantime, we’ve embedded the promo video below.

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