iPad magazine “Light It” launched by Photoshop guru Scott Kelby

If you’ve been around Photoshop training manuals much, you’ll likely have noticed the name of Scott Kelby pop up. That’s with good reason, because Kelby has published over 40 Photoshop and digital photography books, both Photoshop User and Layers magazine, as well as being the president and co-founder of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP).

Now Kelby is launching a magazine for the iPad, focused exclusively on the subject of lighting for digital photography. “Light It” will be published eight times a year, and features information and articles with industry experts on studio lighting, location lighting, small camera flash, portrait lighting, and so on.

The magazine app features high quality images that can be zoomed in to view in greater detail, and features a “Guided Reading” mode that highlights the article text and fades back the other layout elements so you can really focus on reading the articles. “Light It” is an iPad exclusive, and the magazine app itself is free to download, as is the first issue. Subsequent issues will be paid content, selling for $2.99 each. No subscription is required. You can pick and choose which issues you want to purchase. The first issue is about fifty pages long, and due to the high resolution and quality of the included images, the publisher warns that the download of the issue may take ten minutes or more to complete.

Having photography tips and training on your iPad is invaluable, especially one that is focused on lighting. Being able to refer to a particular article when faced with a tricky lighting situation can make the difference between a good shot and a great one, and it’s certainly more handy than having numerous print issues stuffed into your camera bag.

In any case, the first issue is free, so if you’re into photography and want to learn more about lighting, you should check it out.

Via: PetaPixel
Source: Kelby Training

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