First iPad iAd on route, should arrive today

Apple has finally procured an iAd worthy of the iPad for this holiday season. It’s the first of many, but it’s also rumored to be the only iAd we’ll see on the iPad this year. Disney’s Tron Legacy will be unveiled sometime this afternoon as Apple’s first iPad iAd, according to Advertising Age.

Apple’s treating this particular iAd as a preview of what’s to come in the upcoming year for the ad medium, and frankly, we can’t think of a product that could do that better. Advertising Age is reporting that the iAd will be filled with over 10 minutes of video, images from the movie, showtime information, as well as the ability to send emails from directly within the advertisement.

There’re rumors that the iAd will be included in the official TV Guide application on the iPad, so if you want to check out the ad, you’re going to want to download that app.

Hopefully it comes complete with some Daft-Zimmer music. The soundtrack for Tron Legacy, in case you haven’t heard, is essentially a mash up of Daft Punk and Hans Zimmer. It doesn’t get much better than that.

Articles and Images Via Advertising Age

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