iPad to dominate the tablet market for many years to come says Gartner

According to market research outfit Gartner, Apple is likely to dominate the tablet market through 2015 with its iOS operating system, despite increasing competition from other operating systems such as Google’s Android OS, which is installed on an increasing amount of tablets from a plethora of manufacturers.

Gartner expects Apple’s current market share of over 80% to drop to under 50% by 2015, though it is predicted that sales of iOS powered tablet computers will increase to levels that are almost impossible to imagine — over 138 million — and that is just the slice of the tablet pie that will belong to Apple.

What I find interesting about this report is that the growth of Android is pretty impressive, and we could see a real battle between Apple and Google for the accolade of being number one in the market. However, it is worth noting that you can currently pick up an Android powered tablet computer for around $99  — so varying degrees of quality and price mean that such predictions need to be taken with a pinch of salt — and in my opinion a $99 tablet computer has no place being compared to an iPad or iOS for that matter.

Full press release from Gartner is available here.

Article and Image Via Apple Insider

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