iPad Camera Connection Kit works with headphones and keyboard

We all know that the iPad Camera Connection Kit will allow you to upload photos to your iPad.  You have two ways of importing your photos.  First, you can use your SD card connector to upload your photos via an SD card.  Second, you can use the USB connector so that you can connect your camera directly to the iPad.  I would like to focus on the latter of the two connectors, the USB connector.  It was thought to only work with your Digital camera, but it appears that it can work with a couple of other USB devices.

Glenn Fleishman of TidBITS, is reporting that the USB connector seems to work with USB Headphones.

“The Camera Connection Kit for the iPad has a trick up its sleeve: it handles audio, too, via the USB adapter. Plug in a set of USB headphones or a headset that requires no drivers on a Mac – most use a standard audio profile – and the iPad transfers audio output or input and output.”

This is great to hear.  This means you can now use your headset with a boom mic to make VOIP calls with apps like Skype.  So you can put away your Bluetooth Mic, and save some battery life.

A Staff Writer for Electronista writes that you can also connect a USB keyboard to the iPad with the Camera Kit.

“The functionality also extends to keyboards, as a near-simultaneous check has shown that USB keyboards will work as well, although this was partly expected given the functionality of the official iPad Keyboard Dock. The convenience of the USB keyboard is also reduced as there’s no stand when using the adapter.”

Many people are going to be happy to hear that they will not need to go out and buy the Keyboard Dock or a Bluetooth Keyboard if they want to use a physical keyboard.  The only disadvantage I can see is that you will not be able to type in portrait mode.  This is where the Home button is at the bottom and not the side.  Landscape typing should not be a problem at all.

I hope that Apple will start to open the USB connector up to more USB devices, and not close it off to the current devices that work for it.  By opening it up to more USB devices it only makes the iPad more of a laptop replacement.  In my book that is not a bad thing.  As I mentioned in my article – “My first week with the iPad”, I said that I haven’t used my MacBook since I got my iPad.  This still holds true.  For all my portable needs, I’ve been using the iPad.  This is just a portion of what the iPad Camera Connection Kit can do.  If you would like to read a more in-depth analysis of what it can do, checkout Macgasm.net’s very own Susan Pigott’s – “iPad Camera Connection Kit: As Cute as a Pet Rock but Much More Functional” review.

Photo Credit: Apple iPad Connection Kit

Article Via TidBITS & Electronista

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