iPad Apps are alive! ALIVE!

Prepare your wallets. Double check your budgets. Things are about to get super expensive. Apple’s decided that it’s time to open the flood gates, AppRush 2010 is upon us, and we’re probably not alone in assuming that a bunch of people will be blowing next months rent on iPad games.

Things are about to get interesting. It may be a turning point for personal computing, or it could be a giant dud, but either way Apple’s in it to win it, and if the iPad AppStore is anything like the iPhone AppStore, the iPad could roar out of the gate and leave some people in their dust.

Okay, hyperbole aside, it’s a big day for Apple. It’s 34 years ago today that the Woz and Jobs started Apple. It’s apropos that 34 years to the day Apple release a device that they believe could change our lives once again.

The cash grab is on

I don’t mean cash grab in a negative context. Developers got to eat too! But, if you’re expecting to load up that iPad with 0.99 cent options then you’re in for a bit of a shock because 3.99 is the new 0.99. There’s no word on how long that might last, and we could very well see a race to bottom again, but for now, you should be expecting to pay a little more for your iPad apps.

Image Via Cult of Mac

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