Hard Candy Stylus: iPad accessory for the holidays?

Hard Candy’s iPad stylus, which sells for $34.95, goes in my “I-want-one-of-those” category, which does seem to be growing. This iPad accessory is said to be selling at a rate of 6,000 to 7,000 units a week on Amazon (reports the Hard Candy Cases CEO Tim Hickman).

The iPad stylus is stylish. It looks like a fashion accessory, and because it is also a pen, you will definitely get some use out of it. This stylus/pen has a chrome finish and has two functional ends to it. One end is a refillable ink pen, and the other is the stylus that you can use on the iPad, iPhone and the iPod touch.

The stylus is a beautiful looking item and would make a great Christmas present for that person who has everything. Some reviews are saying that it would be great if this pen had a clip so they could carry it easier. Also some find that having two lids is a bit of a nightmare, especially as they only fit the one end so you have to replace it correctly.

“We’re a fashion company,” Hickman went on to say regarding the aesthetics of the stylus. “Like a shoe company making 6-inch-high heels: it doesn’t always make sense. We just went with it. We made it big and shiny because its fashion.”

In addition to the above criticisms, there are far more positive reviews, reporting that the stylus really glides across the screen amazingly, and has a really nice weight to it, making it easy to use.

I did purchase a generic stylus, when they first came out, to try with some of the iPad drawing/writing apps, and for me the results just look far too thick. I can’t seem to be able to get any detail, so it won’t replace my paper notebooks just yet. I’m not sure how much refining they can do to get it far more detailed as the styluses all seem to have to be quite thick in order to make the right amount of contact.

There are a few areas where I can see this item really bringing added functionality. In addition to the touch screens on iOS devices, you can also use the stylus on the trackpad on your MacBook or with the Magic Trackpad that Apple brought out a short while ago. There are programs out there, such as Autograph, where this would come in handy to add a signature to documents, emails, etc. You could take that one step further still by using the stylus for something like Inklet, which enables you to create drawings.

Hard Candy’s iPad stylus is available from Amazon for $34.95.

Article Via Cult of Mac

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