iPad 2 rumors du jour: small edition, giant honkin speaker

There are two major iPad 2 rumors that surfaced today, and instead of putting them both into their own posts, we thought we’d sum them up for you in our “rumor du jour” post.  The rumor du jour might become a thing around here if iPad 2 rumors keep rolling in at this pace.

Rumor One: Small version coming

The first rumor about the iPad 2 that rolled into our inbox today was regarding the miniature iPad version that we’ve heard about in the past. We were going to let this one slide, but then realized that it’s hard to pass up considering it’s being held by a race-car driving popstar from Taiwan. Jimmy Lin is “apparently” holding an iPad mini in a picture that surfaced on the internet.

Could be real, or… it could be that he’s the world’s biggest man from Taiwan, and he’s actually holding a Shaq edition of the iPad in his left-hand (our right). At this point it could go either way. Personally I’d prefer to see 40 icons at one time on the Shaq edition, but that’s just me.

Rumor Two: iPad 2 gets a giant honkin speaker

I understand that these two rumors are a paradox. After all, how can a mini iPad also have a giant “honkin” speaker? Consider this Exhibit B in the Shaq iPad edition I mentioned before. All kidding aside, Electronista is reporting that the iPad 2 will get a bigger speaker, as well as an iPod-style shell. They’re basing the rumor on a report from Mac Otakara, who’s in turn reporting the news based on a “Chinese” contact.

Rumor One Via Slash Gear
Rumor Two Via Electronista

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