Another iPad 2 rumor: Retina displays

Apple’s planning on releasing a new iPad in the first quarter of 2011, according to Wall Street analyst Brian White. It’s not exactly a huge surprise considering that Apple’s announced new iOS devices in the first quarter over the last 5 years.

What is news is that White thinks that the iPad will include a retina display, and a lot more storage space (upwards of 128GB).

With all the hubub over the last couple of days regarding the need for an iTunes Server, larger storage capacities on our iOS devices, such as the iPad, would go a long way in redefining the space. The iPad would become a media hub, streaming to multiple TVs, Stereos, and Docks through Apple’s newly revealed AirPlay technology. If AirPlay is going to be anything like some are speculating, letting you push all your content to a TV through the Apple TV, then we’re going to need some bigger hard drives.


We’re going to start compiling all of the iPad 2 rumours for you and we’ll put them into one post for easy reference. Maybe we can play a game with it or something, just before the announcement.

Article Via Slashgear

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