iPad 2 launch still bringing lineups to China and Thailand

Lining up, that’s what is happening in China and Thailand today. Not many companies can pull off creating product demand like Apple does with their products. There have been lineups for almost every new Apple product since the original iPhone shipped a couple of years back. Today’s no different — it’s iPad 2 day in China and Thailand.

The iPad 2 has been shipping in a lot of countries for a while now, but today is the big day in both China and Thailand, and guess what, the people lined up for the new iPad 2. It appears that Western consumerism has either been exported to the Pacific Rim countries, or the iPad 2 has caught the collective imagination of the masses.

Our money is on it being a little bit of both, but when a company is producing fantastic commercials that make it easy for an entire global population to understand just how revolutionary a device can be, it’s no surprise that people are lining up.

Guess how many people lined up for a Playbook?

This many people lined up for a Playbook.

Article Via Macstories

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