iPad 2 added to Apple’s recycling program

Apple has just added the iPad 2 to its recycling program. So that means two things for you: you have another option for “selling” your outdated iPad, and you now have a method of recycling your device properly (if it’s in that bad of a condition). However, I think this will benefit those in search of the latter more than the first. Prices for good condition iPad 2s start at $205 for the 16 GB Wi-Fi only model and go up to $320 for the 64 GB Wi-Fi + 3G model. Yup, $320.

The process is like that of Gazelle, Amazon, and eBay‘s buy-back/recycling programs. First, fill out a questionnaire describing the current condition of your device. Apple then gives you an estimate, you ship out the device, and receive an Apple Gift Card (store credit) in return. If your device no longer functions and solely serves as a paper weight, Apple will make sure it’s recycled the right way thereby giving you peace of mind.

However, if you’re looking for a way to get as much cash as you can for your device, eBay is still probably your best bet. I sold my 32 GB Wi-Fi model for $420 on there. But then again, that was last week. As of today, Gazelle could still net you $350 for a maxed out iPad 2 ($30 more than Apple), and Networth is offering $220 for a 16 GB ($15 more than Apple). So you better get to it my friend! Everyday you put off listing your device on something, you’re loosing value – just saying. Take a look at the price decline of the original iPad when the iPad 2 was announced and went on sale.

Will this trade-in speed up your plans for purchasing “The New iPad?” Or are you gonna stick around with Mr. 2?

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