In Dubai, 24 Karat Gold iPads Adorn ALL The Hotel Rooms At This Establishment

It’s not uncommon for smaller hotels to include iPads in guest rooms as a way to keep guests entertained over the course of their stay. 24 karat gold iPads, however, are a luxury item only available in the richest of hotels, just like the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. Of course, a Dubai hotel has 24 karat gold iPads.

The iPads are embossed with the company logo, and come complete with hotel food menus, and a virtual concierge to make accommodations more enjoyable while guests lounge in their beds before taking off for some daily activities.

From TravelWeekly:

Heinrich Morio, the hotel’s general manager, said: “Our exclusive Burj Al Arab 24-carat gold iPads epitomise Jumeirah’s philosophy of ‘stay different’ and further enhance our guests’ experience during their stay. “We have also recently introduced iMacs inside all our suites to ensure that we offer thoroughly modern guest experiences and keep up with hospitality industry trends.”

The gold iPads will be available in the hotel’s lobby for purchase just in case you forgot your iPad at home before taking off to Dubai. I love my luxury items, but I haven’t been able to add a gold iPad to my Apple collection just yet. Maybe I’ll start saving and pick one up when the iPad hits version 999, or maybe I’ll just wait for the iPad 1000.

Via Macworld UK

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