iHome releases 2 new iPad speaker systems

We’ve been playing with a lot of iPhone and iPad based audio docks lately. We have reviews for the Sonos S5 and Audyssey speaker systems coming up (we like to actually put them through the paces before writing about them), but I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for iHome.

iHome speakers are always reasonably priced, and they sound great. They certainly carry a bang for your buck price tag.

Today iHome has announced two new models, both of which are designed for the iPad. iPad specific audio docks are a bit harder to come by at this point, but we have a feeling that they’re going to explode in the upcoming year.

You can now get the iHome i9D dock, as well as the iHome iDM12 Bluetooth iPad speaker (seen above) on Amazon.

At this point in my audio listening life, I really rely on Bluetooth based docks. There’s nothing better than being able to carry your iPad around with you while the music streams to your speakers. It’s the future.

Both docks are under $100.00 on Amazon.

Article Via TC Geeks

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