iBookstore gets a nice little Quick Read section, short, cheap books rejoice

eBooks were supposed to make it cheaper to read, but those book publishers seem to be turning out to be more like the RIAA and MPAA than we would have expected them to be these days. After all, print is dead right?

Turns out Apple may just be thinking along the same lines as we are. They’ve just released a Quick Reads section to the iBookstore that focuses on “shorter” reads and manuals that are available at that nifty price point of $5.00 or less. Quick reads, or cheap reads — at this point it doesn’t really matter. Quick and cheap are our preferred modus operandi in these parts of the Internet known as Macgasm.

Say what you want about the iPad and all its greatness and revolutionary magic, but when it comes to eBooks, people turn to Amazon and other e-Ink based readers before they pick up an iPad. Heck, I’m one of those people. I own both an iPad and a Kobo. I just can’t bring myself to read on the iPad. If Apple’s going to compete with all those other eBook companies, then they’re going to have to compete with Amazon, and competing with the Kindle Singles selections is a step in the right direction.

Hopefully we can take this as a sign that Apple is committed to the digital reading war as much as they led us to believe up until this point. I really want to read on my iPad, but right now there’s too much incentive for me to not. That has to change. I still think a hybrid e-Ink/LCD display would be the most optimal idea for the iPad. But, who knows if that will ever happen.

Source: The Next Web
Via: Macworld

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