How will you use your iPad?

I’m filled with anticipation, like a kid on Christmas Eve.  With only weeks left before the iPad is released, I started to think to myself, how will I use my iPad when I get it.  Well, I want to read books, play games, and watch movies on the iPad.  I will probably have some music on it, but not much.  I am also interested in the photo management on the iPad.  We’re going on a cruise in May to Vancouver, British Columbia, and I was going to take my MacBook, so that I can offload my photos.  Now I can leave my MacBook at home.  I also want to get the iWork Suite for the iPad.  I was really impressed with what it can do from the Keynote demonstration.

The iPad looks to be a great device for reading books.  Now some aren’t to hot on the idea of reading books on an LCD display.  They feel that E Ink screens are better suited for this task.  Without actually having seen a book on the iPad, I think the reading experience is going to be pretty good.  Apple is employing IPS technology that will make the display sharper and crisper.  It will also give you a larger viewing angle.  With all the technical stuff aside, I’m really excited to get a book on the iPad and start reading.  I just haven’t decided which one.

Next I want to talk about games on the iPad.  I recently got Star Wars Trench Run for my iPhone.  When I first played it I said to myself, “This game would look great on the iPad’s screen.”  Plus there are countless other games I have like Assassin’s Creed that I can’t wait to play.

I wrote an article last week Which iPad are you?.  In the article I stated that I was torn between the 16GB and 32GB versions.  Well, quite a few Macgasm readers commented and said that they want the 64GB version for storing videos and games.  So now I’m torn between the 32GB and 64GB versions.  I have quite a few Digital Copy and iTunes Movies that I can’t wait to watch on the iPad.  As I mentioned earlier we’re going on a cruise, and this would be the perfect device to take with us to watch movies during our down time.

When we are on our cruise I plan on taking lots of pictures.  I was going to bring my MacBook, so that I can offload our photos, and free up my camera’s SDHC card.  With the iPad, and its camera SD expansion port I can leave my MacBook at home.  Plus it will make a great photo displaying device at dinner time.  We can all look at photos from the days events.

I was really glad to hear that the iWork Suite will be available for the iPad.  What’s also great about it, is that Apple will be selling each application individually for $9.99.  So, if all you want is Pages, then, that’s all you have to pay for.  I think it will be great for me to edit papers, or even write a Macgasm article or two on it.  The other great feature is that I don’t have to use the on-screen keyboard.  I can pair one of my Apple keyboards, and it will be like I’m typing on one of my Macs.  Numbers also looked great to use.  I’m an avid spreadsheet user, and it seemed to work like Numbers on the Mac.  Looks like Apple did not sacrifice on the way you use a spreadsheet.

Now that you’ve read what I want to use my iPad for, I’d like to hear how you are going to use your iPad.  Will it be a gaming device, or the book reader you’ve been waiting for.  I’d also like to hear from those who don’t think they would find the iPad useful for any of the things I mentioned.  So, leave your thoughts in the comments section below, or hit me up on twitter at

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