Clever Halloween costume using two iPads

Yes, it’s true. Today is Halloween, and when you think of geeky Halloween costumes, you think of kids, or adults, dressing up as Albert Einstein, a nerd with glasses held together by tape, or just Bill Gates. When you think of geeky Apple costumes, you think of dressing up as a Mac or Steve Jobs himself, right? Well NASA employee Mark Rober took things a bit further. By using two iPads, he made a creepy, but cool illusion that will only cost you $1,000 (plus tax).

  1.  position one iPad 2 under your shirt in the front
  2. position another iPad 2 under your shirt in the back
  3. cut out two holes in your shirt around the iPads
  4. add fake blood around the openings (ketchup or paint will do)

Here is where it gets clever. Setup a FaceTime call between the two iPads and you’re set! Now your friends can see right through you!

P.S. Make sure you have a Wi-Fi connection or you’ll just look stupid. Have fun!

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