Guess what tablets are being used for…

The iPad has been billed as a solution for a lot of things. It’s been slated to replace the magazine industry, and some use it as a primary email client. While the iPad can be anything you want it to be, most seem to be using it for playing games.

The results of a recent survey from Google’s AdMob subsidiary has revealed some pretty shocking results about tablet computers. Most notably, 84 percent of people are using their iPads to play games. It’s not surprising that the tablet has been such a boon for the gaming industry, but even I’m a little taken back by the results. The next closest task that people use a tablet for is “searching for information,” but that weighs in at 74 percent.

This news really sheds light on Apple’s recent move to bring Rob Saunders and Nick Grange onboard. Both men have held high positions in the video game industry. The results of the survey may also begin to answer why Apple’s running away with the competition in the tablet market right now. Apple’s App Store is easily the most popular device when it comes to game availability.

To be honest, the only thing I use my iPad for is to leave work behind at the end of the day. Spending all day chasing tech news and then writing about it takes its toll. The iPad lets me sit back and enjoy other content without feeling like I need to be working. I primarily use it as a reading device, but gaming comes in at a close second for me.

What do you use your iPad for?  Let us know in the comments.

Article Via Kotaku

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